Thursday, January 20, 2005

Van den Hoogenband’s coach responds to FINA Press Release

Jacco Verhaeren, coach of Olympic Champion Pieter van den Hoogenband, was not taken by surprise when FINA announced that the World Championships 2005 would not be held in Montreal.

"I knew Montreal was struggling to meet the budget requirements. They were lacking amounts that were not easy to raise overnight. But it’s unbelievable that this has happened. When you bid to host an event, they need you to give financial guarantees. But if FINA is so decisive about it, I can imagine it’s a pretty severe situation."

Verhaeren hopes FINA will succeed in finding a suitable new location. He doesn’t really have a preference. "As long as the pool meets the standards and things can be organized well. It won’t be easy when you consider the hotel capacity that is needed. But I hope things will be clear soon, because we have to know where to go for our training camp. We hadn’t made any firm commitments for Montreal yet. So for the first time it’s a blessing we're always late in organizing these things."

Verhaeren doesn’t consider the possibility the event will be cancelled altogether. "That would be an outrage and I can’t really believe that would happen. A few thousand people have completely focussed their preparation on this event. We will also continue with our training as planned. And if the whole event is called off, we will just have to deal with that. At least we will be well prepared for next season."

Source: Zwemkroniek

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