Wednesday, January 19, 2005

First Olympic swimming stadium ("Pieter-Pool") in Eindhoven

The municipal, province and state government will invest approximately 25 million Euro in the first national Olympic swimming center of The Netherlands, adjacent to the existing swimming pool "De Tongelreep" in Eindhoven (training home of Pieter van den Hoogenband).

After 4 years of preparation, construction started in September 2004. In December 2005 the pool will be open for training and in the summer of 2006 the whole center will be finished.

The facility was designed by Johan Koenis and will meet the FINA requirements for international events: 10 lanes, depth of 3 metres, warming up / training pool of 4 lanes, 25 metre pool with diving towers and water polo facilities.

Eindhoven will be able to compete with cities such as Barcelona, Berlin and Athens to host international watersport events like the European Championships for swimming and waterpolo and World Cup meets. The swimming arena could seat three thousand spectators and can be expanded with another 500 seats.

Source: Volkskrant (January 5th, 2005) and

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry to burst your bubble but the new pool won't be suitable for 'olympic' events, as reported by Eindhovens Dagblad when the deal was approved. you could do a search on the newspaper's website but unless you're a subscriber i don't think they let you read freely.
i'm still glad a new pool is being buildt.

Tongelreep's daily swimmer

11:42 AM  

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