Wednesday, January 19, 2005

FINA Press Release - Montreal loses World Championships

Lausanne (SUI), January 19, 2005 – The FINA Bureau held today an extraordinary meeting in Frankfurt (GER) and considered all the aspects in relation to the organisation of the 11th FINA World Championships in Montreal, Québec, Canada.

Based on the great success of participation, TV audience, media exposure and spectators attendance with the occasion of the 10th FINA World Championships Barcelona 2003 and the FINA competitions at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, the FINA Bureau underlined the importance to reinforce the credibility of the World Championships, the biggest world Aquatic event, and the worldwide value of the FINA brand.

FINA has been in contact with the Organising Committee and all stakeholders involved in the organisation of the Championships and has done its utmost to organise the 11th FINA World Championships in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

As FINA did not receive, as requested, by 18th January 2005, the confirmation that the Championships would be organised by OC Montreal 2005 in accordance with the commitments and signed agreements in July 2001 and with reference to a notice given already on 11th August 2004, followed by various requests for confirmation of the contractual obligations, the Bureau decided unanimously to terminate the agreement and cancel the organisation of the 11th FINA World Championships in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Furthermore, the FINA Bureau decided to open a short Bid procedure to allow the National Federations to express their interest in organising the 11th FINA World Championships from 17th – 31st July 2005.

FINA will announce no later than 15th February 2005 the National Federation / City organising these Championships.

The FINA Bureau regrets having had to make this decision but this was necessary to secure the holding of the Championships 2005.


The Greek swimming federation has already said it is ready to step in and stage the event.
"Fina has proposed to us that we host the swimming championships and we referred the request to the government," said spokesman Fotas Chitos. "We are prepared to host the event if it is not held in Montreal."

Source: FINA / BBC Sport

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