Saturday, August 12, 2006

Deutscher Ring Aquatics 2006 with VDH live on German and Dutch television

This weekend VDH will compete with other top swimmers in a 25m pool in Hamburg to try and break world records.

Any swimmer who succeeds, will receive a 15.000 euro bonus and a brand new Chevrolet Captiva.

The organization of Deutscher Ring Aquatics 2006 built a temporary swimming pool in a tennis stadium (see photo) in less than 48 hours. Expenses: 200.000 euro.

Will Pieter van den Hoogenband break any records this weekend? His coach Jacco Verhaeren doubts it. VDH's starts and turning points are not perfect yet and he never was a typical short track swimmer. It will be particularly interesting to watch VDH taking on Roland Schoeman once again!

You can watch it on German television: on Saturday in the sports programme "Das aktuelle Sportstudio" on ZDF (22:30-23:45) and on Sunday ZDF Sportreportage
(17:10-18:00). The Dutch NOS Studiosport will also feature the races among the other sports (Saturday 22:05-23:05 and possibly Sunday 20:30-21:35).


Johan Kenkhuis (NED)
Nick Driebergen (NED)
Lennart Stekelenburg (NED)
Roland Schoeman (RSA)
Ryk Neethling (RSA)
Lyndon Ferns (RSA)
Michael Klim (AUS)
Markus Rogan (AUT)
Thomas Rupprath (GER)
Helge Meeuw (GER)
Paul Biedermann (GER)
Johannes Neumann (GER)
Steffen Deibler (GER)
Johannes Dietrich (GER)
Steffen Driesen (GER)
Steve Theloke (GER)
Jens Thiele (GER)
Sergiy Breus (UKR)
Oleg Lisogor (UKR)
Andrey Serdinov (UKR)
Mark Foster (GBR)
Darren Mew (GBR)
Matthew Clay (GBR)
Laszlo Cseh (HUN)
Tamas Kerekjarto (HUN)
Alexander Dale Oen (NOR)
Peter Mankoc (SLO)
Lars Froelander (SWE)
Vladislav Polyakov (KAZ)
Yevgeniy Ryzhkov (KAZ)
Roman Sludnov (RUS)
Arkady Vyatchanin (RUS)


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