Friday, March 11, 2005

VDH is looking forward to Flemish Championships

"Satisfied, but completely exhausted! After two weeks of training camp in Epinal I really had to catch my breath. It was really tough. But it was necessary, especially after my vacation in South Africa. I didn’t expect it would go that well. So I’m really pleased with the result", said Pieter van den Hoogenband after returning home from his training camp in France.

This weekend (12-13 March) a large selection of VDH’s swim team NZE will enter the second edition of the Open Flemish Championships in Antwerp, Belgium. It will be the first swim meet for VDH after Athens.

"I really enjoyed that competition last year", says Pieter. "And it’s not far from home. I consider this event as a nice break from my training schedule. I will not be holding back, though. That wouldn’t be appropriate after training so hard in France. So it’s not a competition to get into shape. I will be competing at the 100m and 200m freestyle events." On Sunday, 13 March, at 2PM the finals will be broadcasted live on the Belgian TV channel SPORZA (TV1).


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